Hi, I’m Rebecca, the dreamer, maker, and owner of Lovely & True Faith Boutique. I am also a wife to one and mama to four ranging in ages from 2 to 19. Yep, from diapers to college! How we landed in this unique season of life is part of our bigger story, a story that testifies to the goodness of God.You may be wondering, “What is a faith boutique?” Good question! I actually made it up! It is truly a one-of-a-kind place that has existed only in my head until now.Our faith boutique specializes in personalized, faith-filled products. Most items are made or personalized by my own hand, with a toddler at my feet. Heartfelt, homemade, and honoring to the Lord, our little faith boutique seeks to set God’s Word before your eyes through the things that we make. Why? Because His Word is life.The idea to put Scripture onto clothing sprang to life six years ago. I was deeply aware and equally burdened that so few Christian women know the Scriptures by heart, myself included. Having been raised in church and becoming a believer at a young age, this should not have applied to me. Right?Wrong.When I began attending a Bible study in 2003, I was shocked to discover my level of Biblical illiteracy. This discovery stirred up a hunger within me. I began to crave God’s Word more than choice food (Job 23:12).It was during these years of deep study that the Lord did some radical things in my marriage. Again, that is part of our bigger story, a story which testifies to God’s power to redeem and His grace to forgive.I spent the next decade in the Scriptures, attending all the Bible studies that were available. Then, one day my beloved Women’s Ministry director called and told me it was time… time for me to teach.Wait?! What?! Whoa!Teaching was not my gift. Or so, I thought. However, I discovered that something came alive in me whenever I taught! Connecting with other women, who were seeking long and hard after the Lord, enlivened me. It also plunged me into even deeper study, and I became my own student, always learning alongside everyone else.I have now taught women from the ages of 10-60+ and sometimes get asked, “Which ones are your favorite?” My answer is always the same, “My favorite women to teach are the hungry ones.”So, back to the genesis of this little faith boutique. It was during those teaching years that I was inspired to find a way to help women more easily memorize God’s Word. “If it could always be in front of our eyes,” I thought.And there the idea was born.Rewind to my 5th grade year. I was an average kid with nothing standout about me. I tried all the things from basketball to dance team but did not shine in any of them. I felt the pang of my growing insecurities from all of these failed attempts.It was during this time that I was assigned to Mrs. McEwain’s class. She did the best two things that a teacher could have done for 11-year-old me. She noticed me and she gave me a hot glue gun. In addition to teaching 5th grade, she owned a small store and used every opportunity to have craft time with her class.Under her wing, I flourished. I could not dribble a ball, nor did I have rhythm. But give me a hot glue gun and I was your girl.Don’t you just love how the Lord develops talents and passions and confidences in children at such a tender, unsuspecting age?This deeply rooted love for creating merged with the idea to put Scripture before the eye and voila! A faith boutique was born on the cold floor of my garage in November 2016. That is where it has remained, until now.At the beginning of 2022, my husband and I had some long talks about my little garage-based faith boutique. I had been doing it in spurts as life allowed and never sought to grow it. But we began to sense it was time. Time to pray and seek God’s will and allow Him to determine our course.During this time of prayer, the Lord opened doors that we did not ask Him to open. Honestly, I did not know how I could take on more. I homeschool the middles and have a toddler. There is no room for more. However, these open doors, along with the encouragement of my faithful customers, revealed God’s unmistakable will… it was time for my little faith boutique to grow. Women need the Word.We responded, “Yes Lord,” and began to move from point A (my garage) to point B (this website). I also began to dream new dreams, asking the Lord to enlarge my vision.This vision now includes a future brick-and-mortar cutesy boutique with comfy couches. The boutique part is where you will shop, selecting your Bible studies and customizing that perfect gift. The comfy couch part is where you and I will sit down with open Bibles to fill us and open hearts to connect us. I can just see it now. Can you?Until then, here’s to point B! And you, my friend, are a part of it. I look forward to making that special faith-filled something just for you. May it plant Scripture deeply inside of your heart and be a light for all to see.Thank you for sharing my dream.Blessings,Rebecca“It is the same with my word. I send it out, and it always produces fruit. It will accomplish all I want it to, and it will prosper everywhere I send it.” Isaiah 55:11

I would love to hear from you! Share product ideas, prayer requests, or questions you may have about the hope that is found in Jesus Christ.